IBC, Amsterdam

We have just got back from the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam where we had an amazing time getting our hands on some brand new releases, learning about emerging cutting edge video techniques and exploring the beautiful city.

Check out our video highlights edit for a taste of what we got up to!

Top 3 Highlights

  1. Atomos Ninja V

The Atomos Ninja V

The Atomos Ninja V

The impressive specs for this bit of equipment are already out there but seeing it in the flesh was great to get a real feel for the monitor. The build quality was really nice, it feels sturdy when compared to the Small HD Focus and the hdmi input seemed to make a strong connection with the lead.

It was nice and bright even in the well-lit IBC conference environment, plus it was really easy to use and responsive (things that are to be expected from Atomos!)

2. Kinefinity Mavo LF

The full frame Mavo by Kinefinity is a much sought after camera, virtually impossible to get hold of at the moment so it was a great opportunity to use it and see what it was actually like.

The Mavo is actually pretty light and for a full frame cine camera with these kind of specs and would be OK on a gimbal such as the Crane 2.

We are seriously considering investing into this camera. The next step will be to rent one for a week and really get to grips with it in the field but the image quality looked amazing and the resolution and frame rates make it a really creative tool.

3. Using an Arri Steadicam

Using an Arri steadicam was something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. We have been using gimbals since we had the old Glidecam style weighted ones (back in the day!) and then moved into the electronic gimbal era with Ronins and Zhiyun's being the gimbals of choice.

The electronic Gimbals are great, they are a major tool in what we do but to experience the quality of around £40,000 worth of Arri kit was a taste of how hollywood films are made and it was really fun.

See you next year

We are already looking forward to IBC next year and if schedules allow we will be back to keep up with the cutting edge of video production. We feel its important to be inspired and passionate enough about what you do to travel, see new things and learn in order to progress. Big thanks to everyone we met along the way too! See some more pics from IBC and the city below :-)