IBC, Amsterdam

We have just got back from the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam where we had an amazing time getting our hands on some brand new releases, learning about emerging cutting edge video techniques and exploring the beautiful city.

Check out our video highlights edit for a taste of what we got up to!

Top 3 Highlights

  1. Atomos Ninja V

The Atomos Ninja V

The Atomos Ninja V

The impressive specs for this bit of equipment are already out there but seeing it in the flesh was great to get a real feel for the monitor. The build quality was really nice, it feels sturdy when compared to the Small HD Focus and the hdmi input seemed to make a strong connection with the lead.

It was nice and bright even in the well-lit IBC conference environment, plus it was really easy to use and responsive (things that are to be expected from Atomos!)

2. Kinefinity Mavo LF

The full frame Mavo by Kinefinity is a much sought after camera, virtually impossible to get hold of at the moment so it was a great opportunity to use it and see what it was actually like.

The Mavo is actually pretty light and for a full frame cine camera with these kind of specs and would be OK on a gimbal such as the Crane 2.

We are seriously considering investing into this camera. The next step will be to rent one for a week and really get to grips with it in the field but the image quality looked amazing and the resolution and frame rates make it a really creative tool.

3. Using an Arri Steadicam

Using an Arri steadicam was something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. We have been using gimbals since we had the old Glidecam style weighted ones (back in the day!) and then moved into the electronic gimbal era with Ronins and Zhiyun's being the gimbals of choice.

The electronic Gimbals are great, they are a major tool in what we do but to experience the quality of around £40,000 worth of Arri kit was a taste of how hollywood films are made and it was really fun.

See you next year

We are already looking forward to IBC next year and if schedules allow we will be back to keep up with the cutting edge of video production. We feel its important to be inspired and passionate enough about what you do to travel, see new things and learn in order to progress. Big thanks to everyone we met along the way too! See some more pics from IBC and the city below :-)

What is a Hyper-lapse?

We thought it would be really handy for you guys to know what a hyperlapse is and what they can be used for.

Hyperlapses can be beautiful, interesting and exciting to watch, all at once. We really enjoy creating them for our amazing clients and sometimes just for fun in our own personal projects.

This will be just a short post and is not a 'how to' but if you want to find out more just drop us an email and Barney will talk to you all day about the subject! 

So as you can see from the example there a hyperlapse is essentially a moving timelapse and the key to a successful hyperlapse is how smooth the movement is. If the move is shaky or wobbly it can be off putting for the viewer and ruins the cool effect it is trying to create. 

They can really show how busy a place or event is and can be more interesting to watch than a static timelapse. The one above was shot at Cardiff Bay for a cool Volvo event and was a really nice introduction to the video as it grabbed attention. This is so important on social media where attention spans are dwindling and content can be lost amongst the masses of posts. 

Hyperlapses are fairly tricky to pull off but the results can be fantastic and in our opinion certainly worth the effort. 

Buildings and architecture can be a great application for a hyperlapse. They can add drama to an otherwise ordinary scene and possibly intrigue people to pay a visit to the subject place themselves. 

So, there you go. In a nutshell (with a few of our own examples thrown in to the nutshell) is what a hyperlapse is. Please feel free to use this information in pub quizzes from now on. 

Fluxx Films







UK Live 2018

9 Weeks 

12 Festivals 

3066 Miles

It's been another busy and fun filled summer on the road working with Got Soul Films on UK Live's 'Let's Rock The Retro Festival', 'Sunday Sessions' and 'Penn Fest' festivals around The UK, calling at Cookham, Norwich, Bristol, Sunderland, Leeds, Scotland, Exeter, Southampton, Shrewsbury and Penn. 

View from Backstage at Let's Rock Scotland

Starting at the end of May and lasting all the way through to July the UK Live festivals make up a huge part of the Got Soul/Fluxx family. We all love music so getting to spend the weekends listening to acts like Example, Lethal Bizzle, Aswad, Sister Sledge, Kaiser Cheifs and many (many!) more is amazing. 



Capturing the atmosphere!

Capturing the atmosphere!

Sean Delahay project manages the project for Got Soul and between a combination of videographers and directors Got Soul/Fluxx cover the events with 2 videographers shooting on a variety of different kit and techniques to keep the output exciting. The ever inventive and superb videographer Matt Lesniewski even bought along his amazing helmet cam for some amazing 1st person shots on a few of the shoots! 

Matt Lesniewski's Helmet Cam invention

We try and make all the edits fun and different to what the festival had before getting us involved by creative use of transitions and a few different techniques.

Check out one of the edits from this year below to get a flavour of what the finished content looks like!

Lets Rock 2018 Norwich 

Here is to more festivals and more fun next year. 

Filming @ Lumina Learning Global Conference, Brighton

A few weeks back Barney was invited to film the Lumina Learning 3 day Global conference at The Grand in Brighton after being recommended by our good friend and client Clive Lewis from Globis . To find out more about what Lumina do check out their website here:  www.luminalearning.com

A shot of Brighton beach early in the morning from day 3, Lumina Learning

A shot of Brighton beach early in the morning from day 3, Lumina Learning

We didn't have loads of time before the conference but a few really productive group Skype calls with the Lumina team established what we needed to accomplish which was essentially 3 things 

1. To film and edit all the presentations throughout the 3 days (roughly 5/6 hours of film a day)

2. Shoot and edit promotional content to be released as a separate edit after the conference 

3. Shoot interviews as further promo content  

A Lumina splash in app

A Lumina splash in app


We opted to rent 2 x GH5 cameras to film the presentation content as they have no 30 minute recording limit and great battery life (2 things the Sony a7sii lacks)

Fat Lama is a brilliant resource for last minute rentals by the way. 

A frame export of Clive Lewis from one of the Panasonic GH5's, 

A frame export of Clive Lewis from one of the Panasonic GH5's, 

Frame export from one of the interviews 

Frame export from one of the interviews 

So it was a really busy 3 days! But it was also a lot of fun and Barney had great support from the in house Lumina media team Josh, Emma and Amelia (Big Thanks!) 

Lumina do conferences a bit differently and even had a 'Vibe Master' Tom Morley on site to create good vibes and lift the energy which he definitely did. At one point everyone from the conference played drums outside on Brighton beach which created some nice moments for the promo content!

Tom Morley aka 'Vibe Master'

Tom Morley aka 'Vibe Master'

We are now working on the edits for this and everything we captured turned out nicely. Lumina is a really interesting, cutting edge company and its great to be working with a global business.

Thanks to Lumina Learning for making Fluxx part of the family!

Lumina crew shot

Lumina crew shot