The Taste Plug

Who we are

The Taste Plug are two foodie friends on a mission to enjoy amazing food and create tasty original video content. Kishi is a fun loving, cheeky presenter with a vast food knowledge and a weakness for meat. Barney takes care of the video production and lives off the scraps, he has a weakness for anything pickled.

how it works?

If you are reading this that means that we have approached you to come into your lovely restaurant and do a feature!

The general brief for our production is that we turn up, choose a few things from the menu you cook us some food, we eat it and talk about it a bit.

This whole process lasts roughly 90 minutes and is done discreetly and quietly whilst other customers can still relax and enjoy their evening.


We do ask for access to the kitchen to film some food prep shots and we may ask for in house music to be slightly reduced when we record our audio but this will only be for 10-15 minutes at a time maximum.

scotch egg.jpg

We are not food critics so we are not critical and prefer to have fun and try and attract people to the restaurants we feature, it is important to let your staff and chefs know this as we want to make friends, not enemies.

The Finished Product


We aim to create a 1:30 - 2:00 piece of video content for our own social media but would also love it if you wanted to share on your channels.

Right now we do not charge restaurants for the pleasure of our delightful company for the evening, however we do ask that our food is supplied free of charge (pretty please) as we often shoot a few features in an evening and this could be really expensive for us!

If you have any questions please ask away, we look forward to seeing you soon.


Barney and Kishi