The Taste plug

The Taste Plug is a stylish and fun presentation of the best food we can get our hands on. Using cinematic film techniques (Barney) , a presenter full of charisma and warmth (Kishi) we aim to create the best food reviews for our growing fan base whilst promoting amazing restaurants to foodies everywhere.

Episode 1: Holee Cow

The best Burgers in Cheltenham?

We took a trip to Holee Cow to get down and dirty with a burger called ‘Piggy in the Middle’… This was the very first episode of The Taste Plug to be released and we had an absolute blast munching down the food and shooting some #content so we thought we had better do some more.


Episode 4: Wholly Cow Gelato

It’s never too cold for Ice Cream

Even in the winter we believe Ice Cream is an important part of one’s diet. When we heard about the family run Wholly Cow at Hobbs Farm we just had to go and check it out. It has a really welcoming atmosphere and you can actually touch the cows and say hello. Kishi and Barney were both loving life this Sunday.

Episode 2: Koj

The Master: Koj

Andrew Kojima is famous for his time on hit series MasterChef, we caught up with him at his Cheltenham restaurant ‘Koj’ to try the beautiful array of creations on offer. He was a wonderful host and took time out of a busy evening to talk us through some of his best dishes. We recommend a whole bunch of things here but you have to try the Koj Fried Chicken.


Episode 5: Bottle of Sauce

What’s not to like?

Bottle of Sauce is a stalwart of the Cheltenham food scene. It has something for everyone, whether that be a pizza cooked in an authentic Italian pizza oven, buffalo fries or a dark horse contender for the best burger you’ve ever eaten. We filmed this on a cold October night but made sure we had a few ales to warm us up. 

Episode 3: Malt and Anchor

Posh Fish & Chips

Malt and Anchor in Cirencester is an award winning fish and chip restaurant that also boasts a take away option. This place drew our attention as it has amazing food but also an eco friendly, sustainable approach to sourcing its food and ingredients. The batter they produce is seriously next level.


Episode 6: The Bowbridge Arms

A roast dinner for your dog too

The Bowbridge Arms is tucked away in Stroud and is easy to miss but has a bunch of surprises up its sleeves. We tucked in to locally sourced beef and Pork plus found out that you can actually buy a roast dinner for your four legged friend so they don’t get jealous.