The Taste Plug

In October we launched a new adventure into the world of food by creating a show called The Taste Plug. We wanted to create fun, presenter led content that helps promote great businesses whilst also letting people know where is good to eat.

One of the best things about creating The Taste Plug has been meeting small, independent businesses ‘off the beaten track’ around Gloucestershire such as Wholly Cow Gelato.

We’ve now produced 14 episodes for social media and have loved every second. You can see more episodes either on the facebook page or on the instagram page

The episodes are presented by kishi d'allebone who has had years of experience in the worlds of music, theatre and film making, he brings the good times wherever he goes and it has been amazing working with him.

We’ve made some great friends and contacts along the way, including masterchef contestants and award winning chefs. Keep a look out for the next episodes dropping weekly.