What is a Hyper-lapse?

We thought it would be really handy for you guys to know what a hyperlapse is and what they can be used for.

Hyperlapses can be beautiful, interesting and exciting to watch, all at once. We really enjoy creating them for our amazing clients and sometimes just for fun in our own personal projects.

This will be just a short post and is not a 'how to' but if you want to find out more just drop us an email and Barney will talk to you all day about the subject! 

So as you can see from the example there a hyperlapse is essentially a moving timelapse and the key to a successful hyperlapse is how smooth the movement is. If the move is shaky or wobbly it can be off putting for the viewer and ruins the cool effect it is trying to create. 

They can really show how busy a place or event is and can be more interesting to watch than a static timelapse. The one above was shot at Cardiff Bay for a cool Volvo event and was a really nice introduction to the video as it grabbed attention. This is so important on social media where attention spans are dwindling and content can be lost amongst the masses of posts. 

Hyperlapses are fairly tricky to pull off but the results can be fantastic and in our opinion certainly worth the effort. 

Buildings and architecture can be a great application for a hyperlapse. They can add drama to an otherwise ordinary scene and possibly intrigue people to pay a visit to the subject place themselves. 

So, there you go. In a nutshell (with a few of our own examples thrown in to the nutshell) is what a hyperlapse is. Please feel free to use this information in pub quizzes from now on. 

Fluxx Films